Thank you for coming!

Registration Saturday 10:00

Don't forget your student ID, proof of age and your ticket.

Opening ceremony Saturday 11:00

A word from organisers, some house rules, sponsor introductions and all hacktastic things.

Hacking begins Saturday 12:30

Let the fun begin. You may go and talk to our sponsors about their challenges or think of things you can do!

Lunch Saturday 13:00

ARM Workshop Saturday 13:30-14:00

Working on the Microbit.

Machine Learning in the Cloud Saturday 14:00-14:30

A talk by Google.

Coding Interview Workshop Saturday 14:30-15:00

Join Google for a workshop going through a technical coding interview!

How the Software Industry is changing - it pays to be different Saturday 15:00-16:00

Software is not a one solution fits all problems, why should software engineers? Talk with three Bloomberg engineers from very different backgrounds about the shift in the industry culture towards inclusion.

Introduction to REST microservices Saturday 16:00-17:00

An introduction to REST microservices using Python and Flask, by Neil O'Connor from Morgan Stanley.

Code Golf minigame Saturday 17:15-17:45

Write a simple program to complete the given task in any language you like - the shortest correct code wins!

Dinner Saturday 18:00

Lights out! Saturday 19:30

Do the MLH Code in the dark challenge!

MLH mini-event Saturday 20:00

Git workshop Saturday 20:00

Learn Git! It is an irreplacable tool for group projects.

Midnight Pizza Saturday 23:00

Come snack on some delicious pizza to keep you going!

Werewolf! Sunday 00:00

Breakfast Sunday 09:30

Project submission Sunday 11:00-12:00

Submit your hack on Devpost!

Reimbursement desk Sunday 11:30-12:00

Come see us at the volunteer desk and we will arrange your travel reimbursements.

Hacking ends Sunday 12:30

Make sure you submit your project on DevPost by this time. Get ready to present your work to the judges. Awesome prizes await!

Lunch Sunday 13:00

Hands up for Bloomberg for the lunch and the amazing additions they brought to the event!

Presentation time Sunday 14:00

Time to show off what you have done.

Award ceremony Sunday 16:00

Find out who hacked their way through the weekend and made the coolest hacks.

Hackathon ends Sunday 17:00

Last good byes and kisses before you leave Hack the Burgh. We hope to see you next year!


Take a job, and make it automated. Join #sponsor-blackrock to discuss the challenge.

Morgan Stanley#sponsor-morganstanley

Make a game from a given constraint and theme. Join #sponsor-morganstanley to discuss the challenge.


Use a microbit for your project. Join #sponsor-arm to discuss the challenge.

Bloomberg: Hack the Safe#sponsor-bloomberg

Hack the Safe escape room (upstairs)

Bloomberg: Hack with a Manifesto#sponsor-bloomberg

Join #sponsor-bloomberg to discuss the challenge.


Create the highest scoring bot over the weekend. Join #sponsor-aigaming to discuss the challenge. Pick up a pack from the AIgaming table to get started.

Major League Hacking#sponsor-mlh

Hack Harrassment: Software solution to reduce online harassment. Join #sponsor-mlh to discuss the challenge. Winners receive power banks.

Amazon Web Services

The best hack using Amazon Web Services wins $30 Amazon credit per person.

The best domain wins $30 credit.